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During tax season, business owners and individuals seek efficient and accurate ways to conveniently prepare their taxes with minimal effort on their part. That’s where P. Curtis Black, CPA operates best. Our team offers comprehensive tax preparation services in Scottsdale and near the Greater Phoenix, AZ areas. We specialize in international tax preparation services for American citizens across borders and foreign companies operating inside the US.

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Expert Income Tax Services

While completing Form 1040 can be easy to handle on your own, business owners and individuals often experienced complications when reporting multiple streams of revenue. It’s up to business owners and independent tax filers to collect all the necessary paperwork and ensure their income has been properly documented. Investments, multiple sources of income, property ownership, and business ownership are what differentiate simple from complex tax returns.

As tax experts, Curtis Black and his team provide the assistance business owners and individual professionals need to remain in compliance and receive their maximum returns. We legally minimize liabilities so our clients only pay what is rightfully owed to the IRS and no more.

International business professionals can feel confident coming to our firm, as we ensure we leave no area left unchecked. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your business venture to ensure we document all areas of income, leaving no discrepancies to the IRS.

In the event of problems from late or inaccurate tax filings, P. Curtis Black, CPA can legally represent you in front of the IRS and State Agencies.

Year-Round Tax Assistance

Our firm works closely with your company, implementing ongoing efforts throughout the year. To ensure our clients remain in compliance and take advantage of all credits and deductions, we employ personalized tax strategies that specifically understand your business operations.

We advise business owners and individuals on a proper tax plan that fits with their financial situation.

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P. Curtis Black, CPA provides tax preparation services in Scottsdale and across the Greater Phoenix areas. Call our firm today and find out how we can help you receive the legal maximum benefit from your return today!

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